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Manufacturing Facilities

Metal Preparation Plant

Anand Motor Products is one of the few composite units in the world where, starting from tool making to rubber mixing, metal pressings, molding, assembly etc. all activities are done under one roof.


AMP deploys the most advanced setup for metal surface treatment facilities. It has fully computerized eleven tank phosphating plant combined with mechanical treatment like shot blasting & sand blasting machines & PLC controlled automatic line for zinc electroplating.


Metal Preparation Plant


Besides this, an imported 24 station automatic adhesive spray system for bushing tubes is available ensuring uniform layer on tubes for consistent & superior bonded parts.


Metal Pressing Section

The Metal Pressing section is equipped with Hydraulic, Mechanical and Pneumatic Presses with a capacity ranging from 20 tons to 400 tons with complete welding facilities.

Metal Pressing Section Metal Pressing Section



Rubber Compounding Section

The state-of-the-art mixing section comprises K2A intermix with computerized wing for bulk raw material and fine chemicals. The system operates on SCADA based software capable of managing 80 recipes at a time.

Rubber Compounding Section Rubber Compounding Section Rubber Compounding Section Rubber Compounding Section



Molding Section

AMP’s production unit is capable of molding over three million pieces per month. This is achieved by its 80 latest machines including Microprocessor Controlled Injection, Transfer and Compression Molding of capacity ranging between 50 to 400 tons.

Molding Section Molding Section Molding Section



Paint Shop

To achieve perfect finish, the parts are assembled and painted on mechanized lines. These salient manufacturing capabilities in conjunction with a vision to excel has earned AMP accolades and award from states and national and international bodies.

Rubber Compounding Section Rubber Compounding Section